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GK Gymnastics Registration Form注册表 (2022-2023)

Student Information学生信息:

Class Information课程信息

Payment Information (Non-refundable) 学费信息(学费不退款,课时须在本学期内完成,逾期作废)

Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability 免责声明

I agree that I am aware that my son or daughter named above will be engaging in physical exercise involving various sports, coordination events, and fitness training which could cause injury to him/her. I agree that my son or daughter is voluntarily participating in these activities and is assuming all risks of injury that might occur as a result thereof. I hereby agree to waive any claims and/or rights that I might otherwise have to sue GK Gymnastics, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents and all others associated with the corporation from all liability for any and all damages and/or injuries that might occur as a result of these activities. I understand that GK Gymnastics makes no evaluation or recommendations whether my son or daughter is physically fit for any exercise activity. If my son or daughter has any physical condition that may impair his/her ability to engage in these activities, I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain a physician’s statement describing any limitations to participate in this program.


我了解我孩⼦参加 GK体操馆的体操运动可能会引发伤害事故,我明白我孩⼦是⾃愿参加这项运动的,并清楚参加此运动的受伤风 险,因此我同意免去对 GK体操馆法律诉讼的权利与声明,此免责声明也适用于GK体操馆的⼯作⼈员,管理⼈员,股东以及与本公 司有关的其他⼈员与机构。我理解 GK体操馆不对我孩⼦是否适合这个项⽬作出评估与建议,若我孩⼦有任何⾝体状况可能影响参与 这个项⽬,是我的责任提供⼀份限制参加这项运动的医⽣申明,同时同意 GK体操馆有关受伤医疗费⽤的保险安排 。

Thanks for signing up! Email us if you'd like a copy of your registration form.

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